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Good Sam RV Insurance provides comprehensive insurance that is designed specifically for recreational vehicles. A recreational vehicle is not a big car, and normal auto insurance is generally not adequate for an RV. Some people live in their RV and therefore need more coverage for personal belongings than normal car insurance. 

If an RV is involved in an accident resulting in a claim it is more likely to happen away from home so you need insurance that covers emergency food, accommodation and travel. Also you may only use your RV for a few months of the year and want to save on insurance costs during the months you do not use it. Good Sam RV Insurance can help with all of this and in most cases offers savings over your existing insurance. 

  • There is a difference between auto and RV insurance
  • Good Sam RV Insurance was designed by people who understand the RV lifestyle
  • Customers who switch can save hundreds of dollars a year on insurance
Good Sam RV Insurance: What makes it different?
  • Good Sam RV Insurance was designed by people who understand the RV lifestyle
  • Offers cost savings for the average customer of over $300
  • Provides coverage for the full range of recreational vehicles and provides useful information to help you choose the right coverage
  • Has a range of options to cover the different types of RV owners
  • Provides discounts to Good Sam Club members
Good Sam RV Insurance vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Good Sam RV Insurance)

There are several companies besides Good Sam RV Insurance that focus on providing insurance for recreational vehicles. The major companies are Gilbert RV Insurance, RV America Insurance, Progressive RV Insurance and GMAC RV Insurance. GMAC Insurance are part of Good Sam Insurance too. 

They all offer similar coverage but with different options so it is a case of choosing a policy to meet your needs and then comparing quotes based on your RV details and state. Gilbert Insurance classify RVs into three different classes based on size, cost range and number of people they sleep. RV America Insurance represent six top-rated RV insurance companies which makes them competitive with low premiums and a good range of coverage. Progressive RV Insurance offer some interesting discounts including an Original Owner discount if you’re the only person to have owned your RV. Good Sam RV Insurance offers discounted rates to members of the Good Sam Club which has over a million members and has been part of the RV community for over 30 years which means it can offer economies of scale.

Good Sam RV Insurance: Product images & screenshots
Good Sam RV Insurance Coupons
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Good Sam RV Insurance: Detailed review

Good Sam RV Insurance provides specialised 5th wheel, travel trailer and motorhome insurance that is designed specifically for RVs. You can obtain an insurance quote online or by phone in just a few minutes and they claim that by switching from your current insurer the average customer will save nearly $350 a year.

If you own a recreational vehicle most states require you by law to have a minimum of RV insurance before you can operate it in that state. Besides the state requirement you should take out RV insurance anyway because it protects your investment and will prevent you from becoming bankrupt if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident. 

Good Sam RV Insurance has plenty of features that make it clear they understand the RV lifestyle. They have a storage option which allows you to suspend the insurance coverage you don’t need during the months you have the RV off the road which can give you substantial savings. At the other end of the RV usage scale they offer full-timer coverage for those who live in their RV full-time and this gives similar protection to homeowners insurance. 

They provide optional full replacement cost coverage, personal belongings coverage, permanent attachments coverage, hitch coverage, an emergency expense allowance and much more. RV insurance provides personal and other third party liability for the driver, passengers and any other vehicle person or property damaged in an accident and comprehensive covers for repairs to your RV. 

  • Provides 5th wheel, travel trailer and motorhome insurance
  • Average customer saves over $300 per year by switching insurers
  • Satisfies state requirements for RV insurance
  • Has storage option and full-timer coverage
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